Terms and Conditions – Guaranteed Departures


POLAND TOUR acts as an intermediary between transport companies, hotels and any other suppliers or individuals and the clients, and therefore is not responsible for delays, accidents, losses, damages, physical hurt or other incidents. The liability is limited to the price per person of the service to be provided by POLAND TOUR. Transport: passengers are covered solely and exclusively by compulsory insurance to third parties according to the regulations in the European Community.



It is the responsibility of each passenger to be in possession of a valid passport and be equipped with all necessary visas and required documents. The organizer declines all responsibility in case the passenger is refused entry for not fulfilling the requirements or due to a passport defect, leaving to the passenger any expenses that arise, applying in these circumstances the conditions established for cancellation and voluntary rejection of services.



Guaranteed trips are organized with a minimum of 2 participants. We recommend always confirming the availability on the chosen tour before selling it to the customer. For tours which start within less than 30 days it is mandatory to make sure that places are available for the guaranteed departure.


POLAND TOUR has the right to cancel the tour with a minimum of 30 days' notice prior to the tour's date of departure without being obliged to offer compensation. Passenger who has made a full or a deposit payment will be entitled to a full refund or a credit note equaling 100% of the amount paid to be spent on any ground arrangements during tours operated by POLAND TOUR.  

A piece of medium-sized luggage weighing not more than 20 kg per person will be transported free of charge when traveling by land. Excess baggage will be accepted as long as the carrying capacity of the vehicle will allow it, upon a charge of 3.50 € per bag per day, and can be denied at the discretion of the guide or person in charge of the tour. If the luggage capacity of the vehicle is exceeded because of excess baggage, the passenger must leave part of his or her luggage in luggage storage (e.g. at the airport).

Only during tours with air transport included (during the Frankfurt - Warsaw and Warsaw - Copenhagen flight), a piece of medium - sized luggage weighing no more than 20 kg per person will be transported free of charge. Excess baggage will be accepted according to the conditions of the airline. The passenger has to pay a charge for excess baggage whenever it exceeds the allowed limits.

In terms of ground transportation, it is understood that the luggage and other personal belongings of the passengers are to be carried with them, regardless of the part of the vehicle in which it is placed at, and are transported at the passengers' own risk, without the Organizing Agency being obliged to respond to the loss, theft, or damages that it may suffer during the tour for any reason, including handling during hotel-airport transfers or vice versa, when applicable. It is recommended that users be present during the loading and unloading of luggage. In terms of air, sea or river transport of luggage, the conditions of the transport companies apply, with the ticket being the only binding contract between the companies and the passenger. In the event of experiencing damage or loss it is recommended to present, at the time, the appropriate claim to the Transport Company.  



The hotels mentioned above are subject to changes. In case the organizer should extend the reservations to exceed the basic quota, customers will be accommodated in the designated hotels and / or hotels within similar category and price.  



If the number of participants registered on a tour is very limited, in order to fulfill our commitment to "guaranteed departures" POLAND TOUR can provide you the transport by private vehicle or minivan driven by our guide.  



When the airport transfer is included in the package the client is obliged to appear in the arrivals hall of the airport within an hour from the landing of the airplane. In case of a failure to comply with this requirement and not being present within the time indicated, the organizer declines all responsibility. Any additional costs that originate in these circumstances are at the expense of the passenger, according to the conditions established for cancellation and voluntary rejection of services.



  1. All prices are in EUROS, including VAT.
  2. Once the reservation has been confirmed, the rates cannot be modified.
  3. All reservations, confirmations, changes and cancellations of services will be valid only through confirmation signed by both parties.Any additional services (eg optional excursions), must be paid in advance or paid in destination by the customer to the provider of those services.
  4. All services requested must be paid in full, at least 30 days prior to their scheduled beginning. Failure to comply with this important requirement fully entitles the organizer to deny the services to the passenger prior to their commencement.  
  5. Payments must be sent to the bank account indicated on the invoice. All expenses for banking services, both issuing and receiving (from the issuing bank and the beneficiary bank), will be borne by the issuer so that the total payment reaches the bank account of POLAND TOUR without any deductions.
  6. Making a reservation with POLAND TOUR implies that the customer acknowledges and accepts all the "General Conditions" indicated.Upon confirmation by POLAND TOUR, both parties are bound by a contract according to which POLAND TOUR is committed to fulfill the services contracted and the buyer is obliged to make the payment of the invoice issued for the services contracted on the reserved dates.


Cancellations must be sent in written form. The cancellation costs for guaranteed departure tours are:  

  • Cancellation up to 30 days before arrival without charge  
  • Cancellation between 29 days and 20 days before the arrival: 30%
  • Cancellation between 19 days and 15 days before the arrival: 40%  
  • Cancellation between 14 and 7 days before the arrival: 50%  
  • Cancellation between 6 days and 0 days before the arrival: 100%

The cancellation expenses of the ground services will be added to the cancellation expenses of any airline.

Change of names (cost per person)  

  • Up to 15 days before arrival without charge  
  • Within 14 days of arrival € 50, -


Changes to already confirmed reservations (dates of arrival or departure, change of travel conditions, etc.) and announced prior to the tour, will be subject to a penalty of € 50,00. 

In case the passenger, once en route, wishes to alter their journey significantly, these changes will be confirmed whenever possible and at a fee of € 70 per reservaton, in addition to the possible cancellation expenses which can be applied by the service providers.

The organizer reserves the right to alter the route of any itinerary included in this program, modify the departure time or substitute any of the hotels provided with others within a similar category.  

Poland Tour's guide is authorized to change the timing of the optional excursion as long as the duration of the tour and the services remain the same.


The operator and the suppliers do not take any responsibility for damages, death, loss or delay caused by any person participating in the tour or due to any event beyond the control of the tour operator, as well as loss, damage or theft of luggage or personal belongings caused by negligence, strike, war, hostilities, civil unrest (insurance recommended). The tour operator reserves the right to suspend some or all of the tours, alter the tour itinerary and to deny participation whenever deemed necessary, for the well-being and safety of other participants.  



In case the service cannot be completed due to force majeure such as war, strike, natural disaster, etc., or any imminent danger, such as rising or falling sea level or canal closure, the customer will have the right to terminate the contract without cost, but will not be entitled to any compensation.  



Travel insurance is not included in our programs. We recommend that you take out insurance covering all risks during your trip, such as health insurance, luggage, accident, etc.


POLAND TOUR is not responsible and will not accept claims arising from discrepancies, e.g. in pricing, between oral and written information. Writing is the only valid for of communication for such agreements. 


In the event of any breach of the tour program, please inform our accompanying guide or call our emergency telephone number to seek an urgent resolvment of the issue, requesting a written note stating the nature of the issue. Please keep in mind that you should leave enough time for the company to solve the problem in question. If this procedure has not been followed, the passenger will be expected to produce proof of the claimed events. POLAND TOUR pledges to respond to written claims within 14 days of completion of the tour and will not address any claims received after the date indicated. Polish laws will apply.

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